Livin LaVida Grande Book
Why You Can’t Lose Weight

So pleased to be able to offer nutritional guidance on this topic that causes so much frustration for so many of us.

Can’t seem to lose weight or keep the weight off you’ve struggled so long to lose?
The answer may lie in addressing nutritional deficits in your diet!

Livin LaVida Grande Cellulite Scrub

This unique scrub, was personally designed by Dr. Ray, for those “problem areas” we all have. All organic ingredients were used to create a scrub like you’ve never experienced before. Organic Essential oils specific to weight loss, combined with Sea Salt to help your skin look better, stimulate your system to expel toxins that sit in fat cells, and feel smoother and reduce in size in those areas. Just get skin warm in the shower, use a spoon full (we provide the spoon) on the affected areas, rub in and lightly rinse. Here comes Skinny YOU!!
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Livin LaVida Grande Workout Relief Soak

Whether you did some yard work, went to the gym or strained a muscle, this bath soak will melt the world and sore muscles away. Its unmatched blend of fine Dead Sea Salt, Epsom salts and Organic essential oils hand selected by Dr. Ray will get the job done so you can go on with your life and have the fun you always wanted to have. Just put 2 scoops into warm tub water and immerse into a pain free float!
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