Olive Branch Wellness Center offers several programs for workplace wellness . . .

When your employees feel better, they enjoy their work, perform better, and save you money on health care costs. And when employers offer workplace wellness programs, employees feel more appreciated and engaged.

Let’s face it: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and mental health issues are at epidemic levels in this country. Part of the reason is our sedentary lifestyle, our nutrient-deficient diet of processed and chemically-laden foods, and people feeling too busy and too overwhelmed to take care of their health.  And if your employee sees most typical doctors on their insurance plan, they may receive medication that makes them feel better, but it won’t address the root cause that created their health problem in the first place.

That’s why Olive Branch Wellness Center and Dr. Raynette Ilg offer corporate and workplace wellness programs uniquely tailored to your company’s needs, where each of your employees can receive individualized care with life and health-changing results!

Private Consultations / Individual Employee Wellness Plans

Offer your employees the benefit of one-on-one naturopathic health care, health evaluations and wellness plans. Naturopathic care saves you from costly medical intervention down the road, while restoring the energy, health and vitality of your workforce.

dr ray
Workplace Speaker, Seminars, Motivational Presentations

Invite noted author Raynette Ilg, ND to speak with employees, your human resources department, or your board on key health trends and wellness issues. Engaging, humorous, direct and knowledgeable, Dr. Ray will be an unforgettable guest!

Recognize Employees with Premium Health Gifts and Awards

Recognition is the number one thing employees say inspires them to produce great work, ranking higher than more pay, promotions or training. Why not combine recognition and wellness by offering a massage therapy gift package as a reward, or other health promoting services.



Employees with high wellbeing have 41% lower health-related costs compared with employees who have lower wellbeing.
(source: Gallup)


The return on investment received for every dollar spent on workplace wellness at Johnson & Johnson.
(source: Harvard Business Review)



Employees are 38% more engaged and 18% more likely to go the extra mile when they feel their employers care about their well-being.
(source: Quantum Workplace)


Companies that implemented a wellness program experienced a 28% reduction in employees calling in sick.
(Institute of Healthcare Consumerism)