oil pulling

Holistic Care: How Oil Pulling Improves Oral Health

Would you like to improve your oral health using holistic methods? Do you have organic coconut oil or olive oil available in your kitchen? Then you may like to try oil pulling as a way to boost your oral and perhaps even your overall health! Read on to learn more about the benefits of including…

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Assortment of Fruit

Is Too Much Fruit Bad For You?

Do we really learn from our own history or are we blinded by what we want to know about foods? Do you know how your body handles food and especially how it handles certain foods? Most people will think that organic is fine and everything is fine in moderation. But do you really know where…

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spices and herbs

Popular Herbs Used In Natural Medicine Treatment

People everywhere use plants as medicine. The knowledge of this practice has been gathered since ancient times. Tens of thousands of medicinal herbs are used across the globe. Do you use medicinal herbs? Are you curious about which herbs you can add to your medicine cabinet or your wellness routines? Let’s take a look at…

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weight gain

Weight Gain or Wait Gain?

Weight gain. Very few people are really looking to gain weight and yet that’s exactly what has happened over the last two years. I would like to take just a short time here to give you some information. This could be perceived as the lack of tips on how to impede weight gain, but hear…

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Herbal Medicine

The Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine

Are you curious about herbal medicine? Do you wonder how it might help you achieve your health goals? Well, you have good reason to wonder, because people have been using herbal medicine for thousands of years, and they remain in widespread use today. What is herbal medicine? It is the practice of using plants as…

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healthy brain

What You Need To Know To Keep Your Brain Healthy

As humans, we have many fears throughout our lives. Whether it’s the fear of loneliness, financial ruin, or illness they can all creep into our thoughts and scare us or even paralyze our decision-making and our actual life living abilities even though they are all valid issues. “One of the scariest things to hear about…

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Testosterone – Do I Have Your Attention?

Testosterone Is Needed By Men And Women Testosterone! There, now that I have your attention. Men and women have it and need it believe it or not. However, in this article, I want to talk about testosterone as it pertains to men and some of the things that can contribute to testosterone levels starting to…

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alternative medicine

Guide to Alternative Medicine and Natural Treatments

Alternative Medicine “Alternative medicine” is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of complementary and natural treatments. Olive Branch Wellness Center in South Elgin offers wellness care that falls into several of the categories we’ll discuss throughout this article — but feel free to reach out if you don’t see something on this list.…

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