For a time I came to see Dr Ray to help me with detox & re-balancing of my health. She is caring, thorough, professional, & giving. I highly recommend her for whatever ails you. Loved her sauna!


Dr. Ray is an absolute godsend! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be looking at my beautiful baby girl right now. I went to her after suffering multiple miscarriages. She took the time to look for answers that other medical professionals ignored. When I went to her office, I felt like a pampered princess! I would highly recommend that anyone seeking an alternative option to traditional medicine see her!!! She’s the best! She will take the time to listen to you and your concerns and most importantly get to the bottom of your problems and give you ANSWERS & RESULTS! ( and not just another prescription to cover up symptoms!!!)


Dr Ray changed my life, she gave me a useful accurate diagnosis when my regular MD was at a loss–and her non-perscription treatment plan WORKED!! She could explain symptoms I had for 3 years that my regular doctor insisted ‘could not be happening’. She is positive, funny, and REAL, she does not mince words. I’m so grateful to her. Plus my sister had seen her when she couldn’t get over a respiratory infection and Dr Ray boosted her immune system and got her over it! She is so knowledgeable and caring!


All four of our family members are under Dr. Ray’s care including our son who has ADHD and our daughter who has cerebral palsy. Under her care our daughter’s health has improved dramatically. We have been educated on the best ways to help our daughter and our son. My wife and I also take the supplements recommended. I suffer from low T and digestive issues both of which have made amazing progress with her guidance. We are very pleased and much healthier under her care and with Dr. Ray you become part of her care family, NOT just a number.


Just want to send a huge thank you and a hug your way for all you have done and are doing for me and my son. If there is anyone I know can “life, laugh and love” its you!  Even when the times get chaotic you make sense of my health.


There are no words that adequately convey my gratitude for all you have done for me this past year. Thank you for your selflessness.


Thank you so much for caring about ME and MY health. You are the best:


When you are under the care of this office it’s like being a part of a family like you’ve never known before


Thank you for the talk today Doctor Ray and your love and thoroughness as always.


Dr. Ray is straight forward and will pull no punches regarding the information you need to hear to stay healthy. Dr. Ray does extensive research to understand unusual cases. She has compassion for people and always has a nice warm smile. I like going into her office because the office staff is very helpful, friendly and professional and goes out of their way to help. We have received outstanding service and health care from Dr. Ray and both of us have had noticeable (and in a couple of instances dramatic) improvement by faithfully listening to her advice. We have both referred a number of our patients to Dr. Ray and will continue to do so because we know they always get the help they need. Every time my wife or I encounter a health issue or concern, Dr. Ray is the FIRST person we call and almost always the ONLY person we need to see.

~David McFadden, D. Min., Owner, Village Counseling Centerlost 5kg in 3 months