Men, Do You Struggle With:

Lack of ENERGY, reduced sex drive, NEED FOR NAPS, weight gain, low STAMINA digestive issues, IRRITABILITY, mood swings LOSS OF MOTIVATION, brain fog . . .

You Deserve to Get Your Edge Back! ...through Natural Testosterone Re-Balancing

Low testosterone prevents you from feeling like yourself, and enjoying lots of things you used to do. It can affect your energy level, your mood, and even your sex life — but do you know what? It’s not your fault. Testosterone levels have zero to do with how much of a man you are. Your symptoms are just a natural reaction to a simple hormonal and chemical imbalance. And it’s treatable!

If you suspect low testosterone may be causing unpleasant health symptoms, or slowing you down, DON’T WAIT. Make an appointment with Dr. Raynette Ilg, ND at Olive Branch Wellness. It’s important to get tested for low testosterone because ignoring it can wreak havoc on your health in the long term – especially your heart health! Low testosterone levels cause a cascade of negative effects on your entire system, and can cause digestive problems, loss of muscle mass, cognitive health issues, and more.

Another reason to get tested at Olive Branch Wellness Center is that your symptoms may NOT be caused by low testosterone. We’re experts at ruling out other concerns that mimic low testosterone so you don’t get treated for the wrong thing! Dr. Ray also knows that every case is different — she knows how to listen and asks the right questions, and delivers an action plan to get you feeling like yourself again!

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Dr. Ray is Your Expert on Men's Health

Dr. Ray looks at your whole health picture to balance your testosterone levels, increase your energy level and get you back in the game! Your first visit will start with a complete in-depth history and symptom evaluation. We’ll also do an in-depth diet and lifestyle assessment. After understanding the unique factors affecting your individual case, Dr. Ray will address the root cause of your health condition through natural interventions such as targeted supplementation for systems that are involved in low testosterone, botanical medicine, personal nutrition and exercise plans, and more. We can also work with your current health provider to co-manage your case. Dr. Ray listens, knows and understands — she has years of experience getting men’s health back on track, and asking the right questions to find the right solution for you!

We Offer Office Visits OR Skype Consults - You Choose!

  1. Come in or Call in from your home, office or on your lunch hour.
  2. Get action steps you can do right away!
  3. Find a permanent solution with Dr. Ray that get’s to the root cause.

Correcting Your Testosterone Levels Puts You Back in Control of Your Life With. . .